How To Add Waterfalls for Landscape DesignThe sight and sound of waterfalls provide natural beauty to any landscape. Whether incorporated in a residential or commercial location, the design chosen can ultimately accentuate the surrounding atmosphere. Formal or informal, in-ground or wall mounted, there are numerous styles to choose from depending on the space available. The benefits that waterfalls provide make them a rather smart and rewarding investment for any property owner.

When it comes to landscaping the grounds of a home or business it is important to consider the desired look and purpose
. There are a variety of options to choose from beyond the standard patio and greenery. When the best features are included the exterior environment can have an entirely fresh appearance. Waterfalls in particular can add significant curb appeal and value to any property. In contrast they provide an added sense of peace and relaxation to the space, creating a personal oasis. The ongoing and rhythmic flow aerates the water to encourage the growth of plant and animal life while remaining algae free. They can range in price, yet the potential return on investment is substantial.

There are a number of types and sizes to consider during the planning phase. A formal design is often stair-like and made up of right angles and geometric lines. They are frequently constructed of stone blocks or bricks, whereas an informal style is often a more natural material such as driftwood, boulders, or gravel. The specific type to be installed is dependent on the look of the existing environment and available area. A wall mounted feature is ideal for limited space or when vertical aspects prevail. They are self contained and designed for exterior use and conditions. Those designed for in-ground application utilize real or artificial rocks of all sizes to give off a pure appearance. An underground holding tank pumps the stream up and over the stone exterior. When placed poolside they are integrated into the larger body to provide an organic and complementary addition while utilizing the existing pool circulation set-up. Manufactured designs are customized and pre-built for the space, but can be more expensive depending on the material and installation necessary.

Pondless waterfalls are an ideal option for public and other locales where safety and liability are to be considered
. Their pondless nature refers to the lack of water collection above the surface of the rock and gravel fill that are placed in a lined hole with a depth greater than a typical pond. Circulation takes place underneath, utilizing a pump to transport the liquid through a specialized filter and over the decorative exterior material. Once in the invisible basin it is continuously recirculated through the components. When space allows, a full scale pond can always be added to the design at a later time.

This style is more energy efficient than other formats as the pump does not need to run constantly and has timer capabilities. In addition, pondless set-ups are great for small areas and require minimal maintenance as it must simply be topped off every few weeks due to evaporation. A main attraction for birds and other wildlife, waterfalls easily become the heart of any landscape. With the help of an experienced professional a home or business exterior can be a relaxing escape for those lucky enough to enjoy it.

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