What Are Common Questions About Pond Construction

What Are Common Pond Construction QuestionsShould a professional be hired for pond construction?

Putting in a large water feature can be a complicated process that is best installed by a professional. Some homeowners choose to tackle the project themselves, but without the proper technical knowledge and a lot of labor, a homeowner can do severe damage to their yard. Also, plumbing and other utility lines have to be accounted for during the project, and this might be something an untrained person does not know. In general, professionals are able to place the water feature more quickly than a homeowner could accomplish alone.

What are the basic steps taken during pond construction?

Once all utility and plumbing lines are accounted for, and the work area established, a professional crew will begin the hard labor
. The bulk of the labor involves digging up the area where the feature will go. Small projects (a few feet deep and several feet across) may only require a few workers with shovels. Heavy machinery may be needed for large projects that span the length of the property.

Multiple shelves are dug out during the excavation process to improve the visual interest of the feature and to help keep it clean once filled. The crew will layer the excavated area with sand and cover it with a watertight material that will keep the water from infiltrating surrounding soil. This will also help maintain a constant water level. If fish are going to be included, the installation crew will make sure the liner and pump equipment are fish safe, as not all are.

The liner is covered with a layer of soil to shield the liner from view, and a pump is placed to keep the water circulating. Most features are installed with a waterfall for added beauty and the pump will circulate water back to the waterfall to keep the cycle going.

Once the plumbing feature is set up, the outside edge can be set up with a natural rock pattern and landscaped to complete the look

What are some design ideas for these water features?

Natural looking features are still the most popular option as they can be created with a large variety of rocks and landscaping
. Some homeowners, though, prefer contemporary designs that are usually built from dark stone like marble or granite. A simple natural or modern design can be dressed up in various ways, with a series of waterfalls, diverting streams and artwork like sculptures or mosaics to add color.

What are some other water features that can be placed during pond construction?

Waterfalls are considered to be an important part of a larger feature because they oxygenate the water for fish and help keep the water circulating. This helps keep the feature clean and prevents mosquitos from landing.

Fountains and rills are other common features and can provide additional beauty and unique design marks. Fountains can be placed in the water or can be set up to empty into the pool from the side. This is particularly common for contemporary designs, where multiple small fountains all empty into a single body of water.

With professional assistance, a homeowner can get that beautiful oasis in their backyard that they have always wanted.

This article was published on Tuesday 04 March, 2014.

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