What Are Different Hardscaping Ideas For Small Backyards?

How To Find Hardscaping Ideas For Small Backyards & LandscapesFinding hardscaping ideas for small backyards can be exciting, beginning the process of turning a dull and boring space into a homeowner's dream. Many families choose to remodel the inside of their homes in an attempt to freshen it up and increase the profit of its overall value. However, they often don’t realize that the outside of the home can add value, as well. An upscale design can be functional, as well as adding a place of beauty and tranquility.

When coming up with some typical hardscaping ideas for small backyards, common elements include decorative concrete and stone walkways, or added stone features such as archways, seating, or garden areas. Hardscaping designs can be made out a variety of materials so any look a client wishes to achieve can be made possible. Concrete is a common material used because of its durability, but some prefer to go for a more aesthetic stone to create a “prettier” look. Any stone can work, and what is great about laying individual bricks and pavers is that there is room for movement to occur when the materials are settling, reducing the risk of cracking.

Pathways can be an exciting way to add a unique design to any lawn. Whether it is leading to a seating area near a garden in the corner, or to an area designated for grilling, adding pathways will not only create visual appeal, but they will also serve a purpose.

Creating garden benches out of bricks or stone is one of the more versatile hardscaping ideas for small backyards. By simply creating a stone or brick ledge around the edge of a garden or patio area, a small space can be utilized in two ways. Not only does this add a decorative and appealing barrier separating two parts of the lawn, it also creates an inviting area to sit and relax, or entertain guests.

Outlining a flower garden is another great way to spruce up a tiny backyard
. The use of decorative bricks or stones is a creative way to add some definition and color to any space.

Whether you are thinking of adding pathways or installing a permanent seating area, call the experts at Prime Lawn to discuss the possibilities for your backyard!

This article was published on Friday 02 May, 2014.

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