What Are Popular Garden Water Features & Installation Ideas?

What Are Popular Garden Water Features & Installation Ideas?Homeowners that want to adorn the garden with water features can find ideas everywhere as the possibilities are endless. Flowers, trees and other plants are essential to creating an outdoor retreat, but if a homeowner wants a real paradise, the sound and grace of water can’t be beat. And an installation can convey nearly any aesthetic a homeowner could want. They can make an area feel more romantic, more enchanting, even more mysterious, and it will be sure to draw more people. If a homeowner wants others to enjoy their beautifully crafted planting area, a pond or fountain is a smart way to go.

What are some popular garden water features and installation ideas?

Most homeowners choose to install either a pond or fountain, depending on what kind of atmosphere they want to produce. A pond is ideal for creating a tranquil space that allows for calm reflection. A pond can be as big or small as a homeowner desires and stocked with fish for additional visual interest. A popular option is to surround a small fish pond with various small plants and one or two large trees for shade. Some homeowners choose to place seating nearby as well, like a simple bench or swing. This can carve out a little romantic spot in the yard for lovebirds to steal away to.

Fountains are also a popular choice and add a little kinetic energy to an otherwise still area. A fountain works best as a centerpiece in a small clearing, though a number of accent fountains can also create a unique look. For example, expert installers can place a fountain inside tall vases or inside rocks, and arranged in any way a homeowner sees fit. The end effect is a constant trickle of sounds and motions that course throughout the space. For a more traditional look, a homeowner may just want a larger fountain that dominates a certain area. The creation of these fountains can be in any look, such as a classical multi-tier build that adds vertical contrast. Other fountains can be troughs, birdbaths or art installations. Some fountains are designed just to produce a gentle bubbling while others can spray water several feet into the air, creating a more pervasive sound.

Who should handle the planning process for garden water features and other landscaping ideas?

Placing a pond or fountain takes a lot of work and isn’t something that an untrained person should tackle on their own. The installation process is physically demanding, and one has to account for things like utility lines before beginning excavation. A pond will also require safeguarding against erosion or leaking, and a fountain will require some technical expertise to keep liquid circulating. It may be tempting for a homeowner to set up either without help, but this can result in costly mistakes.

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This article was published on Monday 29 December, 2014.

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