What Are Simple Landscaping Ideas That Are Budget Friendly?

What Are Simple Landscaping Ideas For Front and Back Yards?Looking for a couple of simple landscaping ideas that can improve your yard and not empty your wallet?

Probably the simplest and most economical way is to change the shape of your flower beds.  All too often flower beds are just square or rectangular.  Taking the front border and pulling out the middle, say a foot or so, will break up the common rectangular shape, and it will also add a little area to the flower bed where you can plant more of your favorite vegetation.  You could also round out the corners rather than keeping square corners.  Once you break free of thinking in the context of four square sides, your choices are unlimited.

Once you have decided on a form, try lining the flower beds with rocks
.  There are many shapes, sizes and colors of rocks to choose from.  All too often you see beds lined with pre-cut brick and keystone shaped stones.  Using natural rock gives a more rustic look. If you happen to be in a part of the country where larger rocks are readily available, say in central Texas where limestone is abundant, you may be able to find what you need in your yard already.

Another idea from the bin of simple landscaping ideas is to experiment with different color mulch
. There’s red, black, and multiple shades of brown, to name a few.  Also, cut up recycled tires are available and typically last much longer than wood mulch.  Using this could save you in the long run because you won’t have to get new mulch as often.   Experiment with different colors in different places and don’t be afraid to have different colors in the same bed.  

Try these simple landscaping ideas in your front and back yard. It doesn’t always have to cost a ton of money to make a few changes, and you can do this yourself.

This article was published on Thursday 05 June, 2014.

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