What Are Some Popular Ideas For Landscaping And Waterfalls?

What Are Popular Ideas For Landscaping And Waterfalls?What are the benefits of landscaping and waterfalls?

There’s nothing quite as peaceful as a backyard retreat, complete with the motion and sound of a water feature. An arboreal oasis can help a homeowner reduce their stress, and over time, this can have significant health benefits. Imagine having a place you can visit to help melt the day’s events away.

Beautifying a property will also improve the home’s value, provide an ideal spot for entertaining and give birds and other small wildlife a place to feel safe. In times of drought, these features help keep the local flora and fauna nourished, helping buoy the area’s ecology through dry times.

Should a professional be contracted to install landscaping and waterfalls?

Some homeowners choose to install these features on their own, and this can be a costly mistake. While smaller installations can be a concerted effort and lot of labor, anything more than a small accent piece will overwhelm a homeowner without the proper training. There are many things to account for when placing a feature, like laying down plumbing, accounting for existing utility lines, estimating the actual footprint of the feature and designing it so that it looks natural.

Professionals can handle common challenges that arise when installing a feature and this will ensure a feature that looks and operates great.

What are some popular ideas for landscaping and waterfalls?

Most homeowners choose a natural look for their feature, which incorporates a variety of stones and plants into the final design. These stones usually consist of flagstone, travertine or other forms of limestone. Stones can range in color from a light yellow to a deep, rich red or blue-black. In natural designs, they are often made to look slightly weathered while modern installations include polished stone that is darker. Contemporary builds often incorporate granite or marble into the look.

Natural designs often consist of multiple tiers of stone, offering a several levels of visual interest. This also provides several drops for the water, adding to the element’s sound and motion. Some features are combined with a pond to complete the natural look, or are designed to filter into an underground basin, minimizing the maintenance and space required for the feature.

These features can also be built to nearly any size, from a small accent piece to several rills crisscrossing a property and emptying into a large pond. Some homeowners like to set up a lengthy series of features that extend from the front of the home to the edge of the property.

What are other features a professional can help a homeowner install?

Professionals can also install and set up ponds and fountains, both of which can add a great deal of visual impact
. Ponds can be stocked with fish to create additional color and kinetic energy. Fountains evoke a soft trickle that can lull a person to sleep, and they will also keep insects away from the feature.

This article was published on Friday 07 November, 2014.

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