What Are The Different Backyard Pond Ideas To Choose From?

Where To Find Backyard Pond Ideas To Install For LandscapingThere are an overwhelming number of backyard pond ideas for a homeowner that wants to make their property stand out. Large water features can be designed to fit nearly any space and can take on any aesthetic a homeowner wants. From an enchanting marine paradise to a sophisticated modern piece, there is no limit to what a skilled contractor can do. These features can also be combined with fountains, waterfalls, dynamic lighting or landscaping to add interest and beauty to the space.

Most homeowners choose to install a water feature that’s surrounded by lush landscaping or a color rockscape. Together, these can produce a natural look that will help a person mentally escape to the wilderness. As an added benefit, a natural installation will attract wildlife and birds, creating sounds and action that can also lull a person into a state of calm. During periods of water stress, a large water feature will help sustain birds, frogs, lizards and other small animals, providing a safety net for the local ecology.

Large pools often serve as a terminus point for waterfalls, rills or other water features that rely on motion for effect
. Setting up a cascade of rock steppes with a series of waterfalls are among the most popular backyard pond ideas. The end of the falls empties into a large pool surrounded by landscaping or more rockscaping. This design adds a lot of interesting motion and sound, along with a refreshing mist spray that keeps nearby plants nourished.

Contemporary designs may also incorporate waterfalls, rills or fountains, but they tend to be built in an angular, symmetrical pattern that defies nature. Instead of natural curves and shapes, modern design is sharp and made to be aesthetically pleasing. They are often constructed out of granite, marble or other dark, smooth stone. Some contemporary builds also include art installations that give the feature a unique look. Contemporary backyard pond ideas can be scaled up or down fairly easily, ranging from a small accent feature to a sprawling reflection pool. A popular option is to set up a cascade of rock steppes with a series of waterfalls that empty into a trough-like pool. This mimics the style of Roman and Greek fountains and can be dressed up with mosaics or sculptures to create an incredible effect.

No matter the design, rills can be integrated into the look to provide additional motion and interest to the feature. Rills are small channels that direct water and can be built into the ground or above the ground. They can take on any shape and may link many features together or stand alone as a unique accent piece. They are often found linking several pools together in private gardens or around a property.

One final consideration is whether or not to stock the feature with fish
. Koi fish are the best choice for a pool of any size and are hardy enough to withstand most environmental stresses. They are perfect for aiding in relaxation and are naturally social, so they will soon come to recognize their owner. To ensure proper oxygenation, homeowners often choose to build waterfalls or fountains into the koi pool. This will infuse the water with oxygen and make it difficult for algae to grow.

When it comes to water features, if a homeowner can imagine it, a contractor can bring it to life

This article was published on Friday 21 February, 2014.

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