What Are The Different Options For A Fountain Design?

What Are The Types Of Fountain Design Options For A Home?With the right fountain design, a yard’s water features can command attention, providing an artistic accent that others will envy. These water features are available in a limitless number of builds so they can be integrated into any home’s look. A skilled installer can also add some flourishes after installation to bring out the feature even more. If installed properly, these features are able to draw attention and provide a focal point for the yard, making them a natural conversation piece and an ideal spot for entertaining guests.

How many types of fountain design are available?

There are a few limiting factors for these features and can be built in nearly any aesthetic
. Many homeowners prefer to stick to traditional features, adorned with Classical or Baroque artistic marks that suggest antiquity and sophistication. Classical features are often multi-tiered and may stand several feet high and many feet across. They often empty into a large pool that can provide a tranquil look in addition to the serene sound of water movement. Baroque features are usually built in a similar fashion but are typically ornamental. While Classical features are stoic in appearance, Baroque features usually come with intricately designed sculpture or etchings.

Some homeowners want something a little more modern, though, and prefer contemporary builds. Modern water features are available in a huge number of looks and can complement the look of any home. Unlike Classical and Baroque water features, modern builds are minimalistic and don’t typically have sculptures or other artistic marks. Instead, they are made with sharp, geometric aesthetics that produce a unique look. Contemporary builds are also usually built with interesting materials that contrast with their surroundings. Marble and granite are both popular, as is wood.

Water features can also be built into existing pieces to produce a one of a kind look. Large vases can be converted into water features, as can sculptures and other art installations. While these are usually used as accent pieces, when many of them are combined into one space, they can produce an enchanting oasis filled with different sights and sounds.

What can be added to a fountain design to improve the look?

Alone, these water features can add a lot of beauty to the space, but they can be brought out even more with some smart additions. Most installers choose to place landscaping around the feature to create cohesiveness around the home. Without landscaping, a water feature may appear completely separate from the home, creating a jarring look. Landscaping links everything together. It enhances the look of the yard, and produces a natural looking retreat.

Another smart addition to a water feature is lighting. Lights placed under the water or around the feature can highlight interesting parts of the feature or make it stand out at night. Lighting can be produced in any color as well so it can be matched up to the color scheme of the home and yard. Many installers prefer to set some small spotlights under the water to give it a mesmerizing glow at night.

There is a countless number of looks available to homeowners that want to add a beautiful water feature to their home. No matter how much space a homeowner has or what appearance they are looking for, there is a feature perfect for the job.

This article was published on Thursday 06 March, 2014.

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