What Are The Most Common Myths Of Owning A Pond?

What Are The Most Common Myths Of Owning A Pond?Why are there so many myths of owning a pond?

Large water features are a major project and many homeowners can be intimidated by this. Also, many people may look at large bodies of water in nature and assume that there are likenesses between these and a professionally built water feature. Finally, there is a powerful stigma against swimming pools when trying to sell a home. So, many homeowners may assume that these water features suffer from the same stigma. In general, these concerns are unfounded.

What are some well-known myths of owning a pond?

The most common worry about setting up a water feature is how much labor it will take to maintain. The fear is that algae, grime and leaves will all muck up the water and make the feature a pain to clean. However, as long as the feature is set up by a professional, it will only require a thorough cleaning about once a year, as nature itself is adept at keeping the water clear. The best time to clean the feature is during the spring, right before the warm season hits.

There’s also a fear that adding rocks to the water will make it harder to clean, but the opposite is true
. Rocks provide an excellent environment for aerobic bacteria to flourish, and this bacterium is responsible for cleaning out much of the gunk that would otherwise settle in the water.

Some homeowners avoid these features if their property has trees, as the fear is that fallen leaves will constantly choke off the water. While a homeowner should expect more leaves if their feature is near trees, the shade provided by these leaves will reduce the growth of algae in the summer, so there is a beneficial tradeoff. Also, a skimmer that takes in just the top quarter inch of the water should eliminate most leaves without trouble.

Mosquitoes are another primary concern of homeowners, and the worry is that they will gather around the water and spawn even more mosquitoes. For the most part, though, mosquitoes will not land or spawn in circulating water, and the presence of koi will reduce their number even further. Fish consider mosquitoes and their eggs a tasty treat, so keeping the water stocked with koi will eliminate any mosquito issues.

Should homeowners concern themselves with the myths of owning a pond?

With the help of a trained expert, these potential issues can all be mitigated during and after installation
. Large water features can be low maintenance while retaining all of their beauty, so homeowners shouldn’t consider these fears a major hurdle.

What other features can help improve the health of a pond?

Waterfalls and fountains can both help maintain the feature by circulating the water and providing a safe zone that any fish or organisms can group around. Mosquitoes and predators will generally avoid these features so this will protect the quality of the water and the fish that live in it.

This article was published on Monday 05 May, 2014.

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