What Are The Options Of Creative Water Features?

What Are Creative Water Features?There are a number of creative water features available for homeowners that want to add grace and interest to a garden or other backyard space. Ponds, fountains and waterfalls can be used in a countless number of combinations, evoking any look or feel a homeowner would want. These elements come in a variety of designs, including Romanesque, Renaissance, traditional, and contemporary designs. A homeowner that’s looking for something ornamental should consider classic Renaissance or Romanesque designs, while a homeowner that wants something a little more modern can get what they’re looking for with a contemporary fountain or other installation.

Creative water features can be scaled up or down to fit any space on a property, from expansive ponds to compact fountains installed in vases or other objects of interest. In larger areas, a popular option is to build a landscape around a large pond and border it with large rocks. These rocks can be set at multiple levels, which is perfect for setting up a fall that empties into the pond. Some homeowners choose to stock their ponds with fish (like koi), which can enhance the peaceful atmosphere of the area. Another subtle touch that a homeowner should consider is adding a light under the base of the falls. When placed under the water, it will produce a tranquil glow that enhances the look of the falls at night.

Fountains and rills are among the versatile installations available, so they make perfect creative water features. Rills are normally built around gardens or in other spaces that a homeowner wants to draw attention to. Each rill consists of a small stream that can be channeled around the backyard or a garden, which makes them ideal for containing an interesting space. Rills are usually built from concrete set into the ground, but they may also be set above aground and built from metal. An intricate rill design can channel water in multiple directions and produce a mesmerizing sound. They can also be built around walkways leading to the entrance of the home or around a pergola or arbor. Multiple rills placed around a pond will take up a lot of space, but it can produce a striking effect that is similar to Japanese gardens.

Contemporary designs normally incorporate one or more fountains because they can easily be incorporated into any design. The classic Romanesque, Renaissance or Baroque fountain is often ornamental and imposing, making the perfect centerpiece in any setting. These fountains can be placed in front of a home to greet visitors, or in a garden, surrounded by lush landscaping. Contemporary fountains normally consist of angular sculptures or other artistic installations. For example, a modern looking fountain may be built into a single slab of granite, a large glass bowl, or an interesting art installation. Homeowners that want a unique look should consider choosing a contemporary design, as these are typically custom built.

There are hundreds of setups available for homeowners that want to add some class and tranquility to their home
. These designs can cater to any preference and any aesthetic taste.

This article was published on Wednesday 22 January, 2014.

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