What Are The Steps Involved With Backyard Pond Building?

What Are The Steps Involved With Backyard Pond Building?When looking to enhance a backyard, pond building is something that an individual can do with concerted effort, but professional installation is faster, safer and will produce a superior water feature. A common mistake homeowners make when constructing a pond is not spending enough time planning. Before placing the feature, it must be clear where the home’s utility lines are, how the property is graded and how the feature will look once installed. And this is just one step of the process. It doesn’t get any easier once the spot is picked out.

What are the steps involved with backyard pond building?

A professional will take a number of factors into consideration when picking the perfect place for the feature. This includes carving out enough space to place additional landscaping, rock scaping, waterfalls, fountains, paths and anything else that can enhance the look of the feature. Once the boundaries have been decided on, and it is clear that there are no utility lines in the way, the professionals will break ground on the project.

Excavating the area is a labor intensive process, and larger features can easily cover dozens of square feet, if not more
. This process will take several hours, even with the right manpower and equipment. Another frequent mistake do-it-yourselfers make is not varying the depth of the feature during excavation. While not absolutely necessary, varying the depth will make it more visually appealing, make it easier to clean, and give the fish more room. When the excavation is complete, the installer will drop at least half an inch of underlayment sand. This will protect the liner from punctures and prohibit roots from growing into the feature.

The liner itself is made from an inert, safe rubber that resists weather and ultraviolet radiation, making it perfect for handling exposure to the elements. The liner is placed in the excavated pit and precisely fitted to the space. Professional installers will also place the filtration, pumping and aeration system to preserve the condition of the water. If there is just one reason for bringing in a professional, this is it. Before these systems can even be placed, the installer will need to pick out appropriate models based on the volume and dimensions of the feature. The plumbing will then be laid out for the selected system. To avoid any future problems with the pond, this process requires expertise and precision.

Once the backyard pond building essentials are completed, the installers will place landscaping and rock scaping around the feature
. This will breathe life into the feature and mask the liner. Professional installers are also capable of placing complex series of waterfalls and fountains, producing an enchanting combination of sight, sound and motion.

Rather than tackling this type of project yourself, contact an experienced installer to make sure the job is done right!

This article was published on Tuesday 30 September, 2014.

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