What Are The Types Of Water Feature Designs

What Are The Types Of Water Feature Designs A garden is something that homeowners want to show off, which is why people often turn to one of many water feature designs to finish off the space. Incorporating fountains, ponds, rills or falls into the garden can add visual impact and sound, tranquility and motion. They are also extremely versatile, as a skilled contractor can build them into a space of any size and with any style in mind. In short, if a homeowner can imagine it, it can probably be built.

What installations are perfect for a garden?

Most homeowners start with a serene pond when building in the garden. Ponds can be placed nearly anywhere and can be incorporated into other water feature designs as either the main installation or as an accent piece. A pond can be ringed with stones or aquatic plants, giving it a dynamic natural look. Homeowners often choose to place trees as well, giving the garden an appearance of an enchanting forest oasis. Ponds are also a strong choice for homeowners that enjoy the activity of wildlife. A garden will naturally attract birds, lizards, frogs, squirrels and even the occasional rabbit, and a pond can help sustain these animals even during the height of summer.

Fountains are another common choice for the garden, as they can impart a sense of calm with their babbling sounds. Fountains and ponds together are a natural choice, and work well as a visual centerpiece. On their own, though, fountains work just as well. Because fountains can be built into nearly anything, a homeowner can evoke any tone they want with one. From an enchanting Baroque or Romanesque look to a sophisticated contemporary aesthetic, a fountain is the ideal blank canvas for conveying a certain feeling. Fountains can even be integrated into pieces of sculpture art or pottery, which will create a striking effect.

Rills are small ponds typically used to connect other water feature designs together, defining a space like a garden. When used correctly, though, they can greatly enhance the beauty of a space and help sustain a variety of plants. Rills built into beautiful stone like granite are a popular choice, as are above ground rills that empty into ponds.

What kind of fish pond is a good choice for a garden?

Koi ponds are one of the most beloved pieces to place in a garden, as they can add color, movement and kinetic energy
. A small school of Koi is easy to take care of and, when fully mature, will produce a swirling mix of bold colors. Koi are usually hardier than the plants that surround their pond, capable of enduring cold snaps and resisting disease. As long as they are protected from predatory wildlife and receive enough oxygen, they can live for years with little maintenance.

Koi are also known to build a relationship with their handler, as they will recognize the people that feed them. Some Koi will even eat food from an owner’s hand, a delightful experience for people of all ages.

Ponds, fountains and other installations can add a spark of life that may otherwise be missing in the garden. Once placed, they will serve as a natural gathering point for guests and an area for relaxation and introspection.

This article was published on Monday 03 March, 2014.

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