What Kinds Of Hard Landscaping Can Prime Lawn Install?

What Kinds Of Hard Landscaping Services Does Prime Lawn Offer?With the right hard landscaping, a homeowner can greatly increase the value of their property. In some cases, this boost in value can reach as high as an additional 10 percent, making it an enormously effective investment into the home. However, improving the curb appeal of a house requires well planned and executed installations, and this is something that a professional should handle. Prime Lawn has handled dozens of unique installations throughout the Houston area since its foundation, and our experts are knowledgeable in a variety of material types and design trends. Prime Lawn also has the manpower to take on a job of any scale, which is useful given the physically demanding nature of these installations.

What kinds of hard landscaping can Prime Lawn install?

While Prime Lawn can work with concrete, brick and many types of stone, our experts are specialized in the use of concrete pavers
. Interlocking concrete pavers have several advantages over other types of material, and they are available in an endless range of colors, shapes and sizes. Paths and features made from concrete pavers consist of individual concrete units placed together and filled with joint sand. This means that during periods of intense heat or inclement weather, the space between the pavers will compensate for material expansion and prevent cracking. Asphalt and slab concrete both regularly suffer from cracking for these reasons, so pavers are the obvious choice when durability is a concern.

Concrete pavers are also easy to maintain if they do suffer any damage. Because these features consist of small units, any paver can easily be removed from the ground and replaced by a new paver with minimal effort. These pavers also resist snow, ice, rain, soil and other kinds of debris.
Using concrete pavers, Prime Lawn can lay down a variety of path designs, patios, driveways and areas set aside for entertaining. They are ideal for establishing a foundation for an outdoor kitchen, media center or sitting area. Some homeowners like to include hard landscaping in their gardens to add a design touch that contrasts well with planting areas. Prime Lawn can also integrate water features into the design, including ponds, waterfalls or fountains.

How are concrete pavers set?

After Prime Lawn has designed the installation and determined where the pavers will go, the installation area will be excavated and prepared for the pavers. This consists of tamping down the ground to make it even and laying down a layer of sand above it. The pavers are then shaped and placed in their spots. They are contained by a series of wooden edge restraints that will remain for the life of the pavers. The pavers are then compacted together, first without joint sand and then with it. Once settled, the only gaps that will be visible are those built in for drainage reasons.

These installations can make a big difference in the look and function of a home
. Once installed, they will provide many years of comfort and beauty.

This article was published on Wednesday 18 June, 2014.

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