When Looking To Add Water Features To Your Landscape

How Can A Pro Help Add Water Features To Your LandscapeThere are an endless number of options available if you would like to add water features to your landscape or property. With a skilled designer and installer, a pond or fountain can be made into a work of art and the centerpiece of any yard. There are nearly zero limitations on size, shape and aesthetics, so a homeowner can have anything ranging from a small accent piece to a sprawling pond. With the addition of falls or fish, a homeowner can transform a backyard into a serene oasis perfect for entertaining or relaxation.

When looking to add water features to your landscape, the most popular options are installing a pond or a fountain. These can be combined in a number of ways with falls or rills to better improve the look of the design. Rills are shallow pools that often flow in a certain direction or are designed to establish a space in the yard. They can be built above ground into metal or stone channels or below ground.  However, nearly every design is centered on a pond, though there are pondless options for homeowners that prefer as little maintenance as possible. A pond can be built with nearly any design, from a natural, asymmetrical look to a sharp, angular contemporary build. Natural-looking ponds are usually designed with a lush landscape or dynamic rock scape to complete the effect. When placed just right, a pond won’t look like it was artificially created.

Fountains are also highly versatile and can be designed in a number of spread patterns and looks
. They can be installed in a pond or can stand alone, producing sound and motion that is perfect for lulling a person into relaxation. One of the most popular fountain types is one designed to look like a classical, Romanesque or Baroque piece. These can be adorned with complex, otherworldly designs that can add mystery to a garden. Alone, they can be a centerpiece surrounded by lush landscaping or placed in the front yard to greet visitors. Contemporary fountains are also extremely popular and can be built in a huge variety of designs. Angular fountains built into dark granite or marble are a common choice, as are fountains built into vases or art installations. With the right expertise, nearly any sculpture can be turned into a one-of-a-kind fountain that is sure to impress.

Falls or rills are other pieces to keep in mind when deciding to add water features to your landscape. Falls are normally combined with ponds and are often designed with a natural appearance. A tumbling rock scape that consists of several small falls before a big drop at the end is a popular choice. Integrating falls into a wall installation (like a series of rock shelves) is also a common sight. Homeowners should also consider rills, which are another popular installation for the garden or backyard. Rills, falls and ponds are often grouped together to create a highly kinetic installation and are perfect for gardens or entertainment areas.

With a skilled contractor and designer, along with a little imagination, a homeowner can get the perfect water feature to complement their style.

This article was published on Tuesday 28 January, 2014.

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