When Should Water Feature Specialists Be Hired With Prime Lawn?

Why Hire Water Feature Specialists With Prime Lawn In Houston?A homeowner is going to need the help of water feature specialists before installing a fountain or pond. While it may be tempting to roll up your sleeves and do the work alone, most people find that there is much more to it than it seems. Ponds are laborious affairs, requiring extensive excavation, lots of heavy lifting and precise ordering of plumbing, not to mention design work. Fountains are easier to place, but without a trained eye, it may not create the look a homeowner wants. For this reason, it is best to ally with an expert before starting a project, and Prime Lawn can be that expert. For years, Prime Lawn has helped people in the Houston area realize their dream oasis and bring homeowners the fountain, pond or waterfall they’ve always wanted.

Why should homeowners pick Prime Lawn to be their water feature specialists?

Prime Lawn excels in a number of areas when it comes to installing beautiful additions to a home or business
. Even if a homeowner is set on adding a pond, fountain or some falls, Prime Lawn can provide expert guidance on proper landscaping, hardscaping and irrigation, if it is needed. Placing a major installation, particularly a pond, can impact the ecology of a yard, so it is best to have expert guidance on hand to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Prime Lawn also has a developed portfolio of clients involving a range of designs, so our experts are not just technically skilled. Placing the installation itself is no easy task, but producing a cohesive, attractive design is arguably more difficult. Any company with minimal skill can place a fountain or pond. It takes an experienced crew to make it look nice. This plays into Prime Lawn’s experience in other areas, as our designers can help craft a total aesthetic for a space, combining hardscaping, landscaping, ponds, fountains and falls efficiently.

What kinds of designs can the water feature specialists at Prime Lawn create?

There is no shortage of designs that Prime Lawn can produce for a property. For smaller spaces, an accent pond or fountain can provide a nice aesthetic boost. Small fountains can be built out of single large stones or vases. Even art installations like sculptures can be integrated with fountains. Prime Lawn can also help build sprawling installations that cover most of the yard. Huge ponds ringed with stacked rocks may include several falls, fountains or lighting placements.

Prime Lawn excels at combining rockscaping with its installations for a natural effect
. By using a variety of rocks, they can take advantage of natural contrast in size and color to generate a unique look. In fact, Prime Lawn never duplicates the look of other installations so the homeowner can rest assured that they are getting a one-of-a-kind pond or fountain.

This article was published on Friday 04 April, 2014.

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