Where To Find Hardscaping Ideas For A Front Yard

Where To Find Hardscaping Ideas For A Front YardThere are so many viable hardscaping ideas for a front yard that a homeowner may be overwhelmed by the available options. These can range from simple, small stone installations to sprawling designs that incorporate planting areas, water features and various layers of stone, brick or concrete. With many options available, it is best for a homeowner to find a trustworthy expert to help steer the project. A skilled and creative contractor can produce a unique look that isn’t found anywhere else, making a home stand out among its neighbors.

What are some of the most popular hardscaping ideas for a front yard?

Nearly anything a homeowner can dream up, a contractor design. The obvious choice for a beautiful installation is the driveway, where a firm surface is needed to accommodate a vehicle. Instead of a boring, muted grey piece of concrete, a homeowner can have a cobblestone, brick or slab driveway laid out. Many homeowners choose to place many narrow slabs of concrete with beds of gravel or pebbles between them. It is a simple installation that helps define a parking area while also adding contrast in color and shape.

Most of the time, these installations add some function to the property as well as aesthetic form
. For example, a homeowner that likes to cook outside may choose to lay down a spot for an outdoor kitchen or grill.  Most projects involve laying down multiple layers of concrete pavers or brick to define a cooking area. Surrounding the area with plants, large rocks or a pond can add visual interest. Placing a pergola or arbor above the installation will give form and volume to the space.

Some homeowners choose to add stone that complements their planting areas with retaining walls made from basalt or cobblestone
. Retaining walls are a commonly used because they create many layers of visual interest vertically and help show off a collection of beautiful plants. Retaining walls can also be placed around water features like rills or fountains, creating a beautiful sensory experience of sight and sound.

The most common hardscaping ideas for a front yard, though, involve the space leading up to the front door. The home’s entryway, after all, is the most important thing to frame from the street. It should be given special attention with a beautiful walkway that leads up to the door with concrete pavers, brick, architectural slabs or shaped stone. A skilled installer can build a walkway that contrasts well with its surroundings, with colors that pop off of a carpet of green. Along the walkway, water features like fish ponds or accent fountains can make an entrance to the home feel enchanting. For example, a small trickling fountain built into a single large stone or shaped like a well or trough can grab a person’s attention.

There are numerous options to list when it comes to these projects. To an experienced contractor, though, the home is a blank canvas that can incorporate color, shape and artistry.

This article was published on Wednesday 30 April, 2014.

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