Why Is A Backyard Pond Beneficial To A Property?

What Are The Benefits Of A Backyard Pond?The impact of a backyard pond is hard to measure because it brings many intangible benefits to a property. Once it is placed, it will likely serve as the center of activity outside, being an area for entertaining guests and stealing a moment of peace and quiet. The tranquil beauty a body of water can inspire will help a family live a less stressful life, which can provide a spectrum of benefits. However, these water features also provide a significant impact on nearby ecology and can help conserve local wildlife.

Most homeowners choose to have a backyard pond installed for their aesthetic quality. When designed and installed by a skilled firm, they can be made into works of art. They can be integrated into landscaping of any design and can produce a striking effect when combined with waterfalls, fountains or dramatic rock installations. Many homeowners also have lights placed under the water to create an enchanting glow during the night. Another popular option is to stock the feature with fish like koi. Koi ponds are a favorite among many. The mesmerizing movements of a school of koi can help a homeowner melt the day’s frustrations away.

While these benefits should not be understated, these water features also provide some much needed conservation in the homeowner’s area. During periods of water stress, some species of wildlife can be profoundly affected. Frogs, birds, lizards and some insects can die out in troubling numbers from a lack of water. Eventually, this will cause problems throughout the ecosystem in the area. A backyard pond, though, can relieve some of the stress on the local environment by providing a source of water to needy wildlife. Reptiles, birds and various insects that depend on reliable water sources will be saved from the brutal Gulf Coast summers and help keep the area’s ecology stable. These water features can also sustain plants that are near the water. This will preserve the integrity of the soil, prevent soil erosion, and help a homeowner meter their water usage in the yard.

Safety should be a primary concern when installing one of these water features. Families that include young children or expect regular visits from children should consider placing a fence around the water. As long as the fence permits the passage of small wildlife, the feature should maintain its positive impact on the local environment. Fencing, though, may block the view of the water. When this is a problem, some homeowners decide to place a grate over the water’s surface. While this will prevent anyone from accidentally falling in, it’s not always feasible for larger installations and may prevent frogs and other animals from accessing the water if it is not installed correctly.

These water features also require little maintenance, which can be reduced even more with the addition of fish or scavengers to take care of algae and other pests
. Some homeowners may be concerned about the presence of mosquitos, but stocking the water with fish will take care of any that land on the water. Also, a waterfall or fountain can keep the water circulating, making it extremely difficult for mosquitos to maintain a presence in the area.

A peaceful body of water enriches the look of the home and the lives of the people who live there. However, it also supports many important animal species that keep the planet healthy and beautiful.

This article was published on Thursday 23 January, 2014.

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