Why Choose Prime Lawn For Fish Ponds & Water Feature Designs?

Why Choose Prime Lawn For Fish Ponds & Water Feature Designs?Creating unique, attractive fish ponds and water feature designs takes real skill. Not only do these installers need expertise in construction, they need to have an eye for unique feature arrangement. Plenty of professionals can produce a cookie cutter feature that provides the minimum in function and form. It takes an experienced, passionate firm to craft a one-of-a-kind look that every homeowner will want for their property. It also takes special training to ensure the feature is environmentally responsible, easy to maintain and ideal for koi or other fish.

Why should you choose Prime Lawn for fish ponds and water feature designs?

Prime Lawn has created water features for a variety of high-end properties in the Houston area, spanning over many years. Our technicians are thoroughly familiar with the local climate and how it impacts soil conditions, water maintenance and ecological development. This knowledge is essential for setting up a healthy feature and thriving schools of koi. Prime Lawn also installs every feature so that it fits with the property, not just relying on past techniques to create a standard look.

This expertise pairs with the best industry education available through Aquascape. Becoming a certified Aquascape contractor (CAC) is a significant achievement for a firm, as Aquascape only accepts the best. To become a CAC, a firm has to pass several online courses, file multiple consumer satisfaction reports and send in a portfolio of its previous projects to Aquascape. This portfolio has to include photos taken before, during and after feature construction to prove that the firm is practicing safe and efficient construction methods. A CAC has to maintain industry best practices and must complete continuing education courses regularly to demonstrate continued mastery of the field. This means a CAC has to prove both technical and creative integrity constantly.

What are some fish ponds and feature designs that Prime Lawn can help with?

Features that have koi will need a little more planning before installation. The size of the feature will determine how big the koi will get, as they grow in proportion to the amount of water they have to swim in. Shallow features make it easier to see the koi, are less expensive and are easier to fit a compact space. Deeper features mean bigger koi, protection for the koi from predators like birds and promote better health, as the koi’s waste will be more diluted with the extra water. Deeper features may also be essential during the winter, where a hard freeze can completely ice over the water if it is not deep enough.

Prime Lawn can oversee the planning process to ensure that the feature is ecologically sound and visually pleasing
. This may mean lining the feature with naturally shaped stone or precisely arranged landscaping for additional visual interest. Prime Lawn can also create a modern looking feature, like a pond that runs the length of the garden, or one that is built around precisely cut slate or granite. The only limitation is the homeowner’s imagination, and Prime Lawn can help support and even elaborate upon the homeowner's vision.

This article was published on Monday 29 December, 2014.

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