Why Consider Adding Koi Ponds With A Landscape Company?

Why Should Koi Ponds Be Installed By A Landscape Company?For the budding landscaping enthusiast, koi ponds might seem like a difficult endeavor to undertake. But, with the right professional landscapers helping out, they are easy to construct, even easier to maintain, and they can enhance any backyard experience.

The design for these ponds is pretty straightforward because it’s up to the customer
. They can be rectangular, oval, or they can be a freeform shape and elevated or dug into the ground. They can be any size the customer desires. You can use granite walls or marble, or simply surround it with rocks and vegetation.

Maintenance is pretty simple, mostly because the koi fish themselves do not require much attention

  • They resist many of the parasites and diseases that plague other tropical fish species.
  • Are able to withstand severe cold weather.
  • They have a rather long lifespan.

Still, there are a couple of steps one needs to take with koi ponds to ensure their longevity. Since the fish need plenty of oxygen to survive, it is important to keep the water free of algae, particularly the string algae that is common with this fixture. Applying algaecide every month can help with this. Do not over-feed the fish, especially in the winter months; too much food could cause damage.

Additionally, a waterfall or fountain is a great way to provide another source of oxygenated water to the fish. And to keep predatory birds and mammals away it is advisable to keep a net over the water or some stronger form of protection, such as an electrical fence.

When looking for professional assistance with this backyard water feature, Prime Lawn is the place to go
. They have plenty of experience designing koi ponds in both commercial and residential settings, providing top-notch customer service to any client. They are dedicated to making sure you are 100 percent satisfied with every element, and they whelp you create your perfect outdoor oasis.

This article was published on Thursday 08 May, 2014.

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