Why Does A Landscape Benefit From Waterfalls

How Does A Landscape Benefit From WaterfallsNo serene landscape is complete without waterfalls and the motion and sound they bring to the yard. When combined with ponds or fountains, lush plants and an interesting rock build, these features can be the centerpiece in a dynamic, beautiful oasis. Long prized for their mesmerizing sound and steady motion, these features also provide some extra benefits that often go unnoticed. They are particularly useful around ponds that are stocked with koi fish and can also help sustain plants growing in the area.

While plants and ponds are inherently beautiful, a landscape with waterfalls is a sensory treat
. With these features, this therapeutic feel can be brought to the backyard and harnessed for the family’s enjoyment. The look of the feature can also be greatly enhanced with lighting placed in the pond or an alcove behind the feature. Sharp lighting will allow the feature to shine at night, giving it a glow that will draw great interest. It will also help light the area at night and make it safer.

Most homeowners choose to build these features into complex arboreal and rock designs, imparting a natural feel into the overall look. One popular option is to create a series of rock steppes that allow for a set of falls. This adds levels and visual interest to the feature. Ringing the edge of the steppes with colorful plants can be used to finish off the effect.

There are some popular contemporary design options available, which tend to be installed with minimal landscape. These waterfalls are instead built into artistic or sharp spaces that may stand alone without plants or other natural features. This is reflected in Japanese style gardens, which place a large emphasis on symmetry and precise aesthetics.

These features aren’t just prized for their beauty. They naturally produce a fine spray of mist due to their motion, and this spray will blanket the nearby area. The fine mist will keep the plants around the feature well nourished. This will lower the cost of maintaining the plants around the feature and will ensure that the plants will stay healthy even during times of stress.

They are also a perfect companion to ponds with fish, especially koi
. Koi are beautiful fish and are a popular choice for homeowners. While they are resistant to most stresses, like climate and disease, they are sensitive to low levels of oxygen. These features help the koi because they keep the water oxygenated. Also, because they disturb the pool constantly, it’s more difficult for algae to adhere to surfaces and suck up oxygen intended for the koi.

With their compact design, tranquility and ancillary benefits, every homeowner should consider them when installing a pond and other features around the home.

This article was published on Wednesday 26 February, 2014.

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