Why Does Lawn Irrigation Design Need Help From A Professional?

What Is Lawn Irrigation Design & Why Hire A Professional?What is lawn irrigation design?

Keeping a large yard watered can be a laborious task, and something that most homeowners don’t have time for. For this reason, many people turn to automated watering systems that can keep the yard healthy without requiring attention. Normally, this includes placing several sprinkler heads in patterns that allow for optimal water coverage.

Setting up a watering system, though, requires precision or it will waste water or cause damage to planted areas
.  A professional should be chosen to help with the job to avoid this.

How can the professionals at Prime Lawn help with lawn irrigation design?

Prime’s experts are able to produce a layout of the yard and design a system for the space
. Once our experts have found the perfect sprinkler head configuration, they will begin the installation. That is an involved process that requires some excavation of the yard, as plumbing will need to be run to each sprinkler head. Choosing the right plumbing is also something an expert should handle, as plumbing that is not sized properly or built from the wrong material will reduce the system’s effectiveness. Building a system that provides the correct water pressure, volume and spread is something that is extremely difficult to do without proper knowledge.

What information will a professional need before putting together a lawn irrigation design?

The professional will need to map out the entire yard and determine optimal sprinkler head placement
. If there are any plants that are sensitive to excessive water, or need more water than normal, they will need to know this beforehand to adjust the system. It’s also crucial that the expert know where the utility lines are present in the yard, as excavation could cause damage to these lines if they are not exposed ahead of time. Also, drainage is something that must be kept in mind, so if the yard tends to collect water in a certain area, a professional should be told this before installation begins.

What benefits are there to having a professional help with the process?

While it is probable to install a system without professional assistance, it is difficult to do without experience. The smallest miscalculation, when setting up the system, will result in poor water pressure or not enough spread, both of which will cause under or over watering. Fixing the problem once the system is installed can be extremely frustrating and labor intensive. For these reasons, most homeowners would rather not risk installing a flawed system and instead seek expert assistance.

Professionals trained in the industry will be able to install an efficient and effective system, and do it with minimal excavation to the yard. That will greatly reduce the time it takes to set the system up, so the homeowner will be able to enjoy it right away.

Watering and drainage are crucial to maintaining the health of a yard. With Prime, its health can be safeguarded so it can flourish no matter the conditions.

This article was published on Tuesday 06 May, 2014.

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