Why Hire A Certified Aquascape Contractor For Water Features

Why Hire A Certified Aquascape Contractor To Install Water Features?Home and business owners can realize their dream of a backyard paradise by tapping into the expertise of a certified Aquascape contractor (CAC). These consummate professionals are highly trained in the installation of the highest quality water features such as fountains, ecosystem ponds, pondless waterfalls and commercial water gardens. Although operating independently in cities across the United States, CACs are bound to guarantee client satisfaction under the Aquascape company motto, “Ponds Done Right. Customers Served Right.”

When beauty, environmental sustainability, and quality workmanship matter, professional pond installation by specialized experts is imperative. Experienced in translating the customer’s vision into reality, CACs are among the most informed and knowledgeable personnel in the water gardening industry. CACs have received formal training in the Certified Aquascape Contractor Program and must meet the highest standards in terms of proficiency, quality, customer service and adherence to construction methodology.

Typical CAC techniques include the installation of rocks and gravel in all ponds, which promotes an attractive and natural appearance. It also facilitates the root establishment of water plants, while simultaneously protecting the tender roots from fish, turtles and other potential predators. Furthermore, gravel helps filter the pond water and creates a surface for the growth of beneficial bacteria.

In addition, a certified Aquascape contractor commits to never using bead filters or bottom drains, both of which can present equipment maintenance nightmares for the customer down the road. CACs must, however install Biofalls or approved wetland filters, as well as skimmers, on every water feature where needed. These practices ensure maximum enjoyment with minimum equipment malfunction and maintenance on the customer’s part, all while promoting the healthiest, most beautiful water feature possible.

Not all pond installation companies or installers are accepted into the Certified Aquascape Contractor Program
. Only those who can demonstrate a proven record of professionalism, knowledge and outstanding customer service are considered for the certification course. Applicants must show at least three satisfactory customer surveys, completed by previous customers. They must also submit photos of a minimum of three complete projects implementing the Aquascape system to demonstrate experience and knowledge of methodology. Only if these requirements are fulfilled is a company or technician eligible to apply for the course, a process that ensures that only the most committed and elite professionals earn the privilege to display the certified status.

Home and business owners who retain the services of a CAC enjoy peace of mind in knowing that their project will be designed, organized and completed by the best industry professionals.

This article was published on Thursday 06 November, 2014.

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