Why Should A Family Get Water Features That Are Safe For Kids

What Are The Options For Water Features That Are Safe For KidsA family that has children or expects to entertain children often should consider water features that are safe for kids before installing anything in the backyard. One of the leading causes of death for children under the age of 14 is drowning, and many of these occur while at home. A family that still wants to enjoy a serene pond or fountain, can mitigate this risk with installations designed for security against drowning. There are several options available for this purpose, from specially designed ponds and fountains to retrofitted security devices that prevent children from falling in.

Both ponds and fountains can be made into water features that are safe for kids. Shallow ponds or rills are less likely to pose a drowning hazard and can still provide all of the beauty a full size pond provides. Rills can be built above ground and out of reach of young children so there is no risk of them climbing in. Fountains that are built well off the ground can also keep children from getting wet. Some unique fountain designs also come with an accessible body of water, which reduces the chances of drowning to nearly zero. These fountains may be built into various objects, like a vase or piece of art, and channel any runoff underground. This is also the principle behind pondless waterfalls. These falls can be made with shallow, gentle designs that empty into underground reservoirs. This will keep children from accessing the reservoir and possibly falling in. Pondless fountains and falls can provide all of the sound and motion that people expect with none of the danger associated with standing liquid.

For homes that already have ponds or fountains, there are a number of retrofitting options that can make water features safe for kids
. Ponds are usually the riskiest installations to have around children, but they can be made more secure with fencing or other barriers. Fencing placed around the pond will make it harder for children to access the pool, as long as the slats are placed close enough together. However, homeowners that want to enjoy their pond without a visual obstruction might consider a glass or wire barrier along the outside of the pond. Once the children are old enough to remain unattended around the pond, the fencing or barrier can be removed without trouble.

For smaller ponds where fencing is not feasible, a homeowner can improve security by laying down a grate or glass barrier along the top of the pond. These ponds will not be able to accommodate fish, but it will completely prevent children from falling in. A smart idea for any backyard, regardless of whether there are ponds or fountains installed, is bright lighting. Placing lights under the pool and along the edge of the pond will make it easier to see at night and help prevent people from accidentally falling in. If someone does tumble into the pond, the lights will help people quickly spot them and get them to safety.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when installing fountains or ponds is whether or not they can be made secure for children to be around them.  Make sure to consult with experts in the industry before allowing a child around the installation so that all security options are explored.

This article was published on Thursday 30 January, 2014.

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